Moments in Beijing

From 2007-2010, Thomas Talhelm, a volunteer participating in Peace Corps, recorded his Beijing life in his blog. It is quite interesting to read about the psychology, language, culture and (mis)communication he posted. The first blog I read was his complain about Peter Hessler, when I was searching Hessler’s interviews. “Hesslerhas ruined my China life. Because … More Moments in Beijing


My Patriotic Stomach

General Tso’s chicken, a sweet, slightly spicy, deep-fried chicken dish, has nothing to do with General Tso Tsungtang. The dish is most commonly regarded as a Hunanese dish, but my friends from there tells me, they will never like such a sweet dish which is not spicy at all.  Well…American spicy,  means not spicy at all to her. To … More My Patriotic Stomach

Weibo’s Challenges

Now, Weibo will compete directly with social giants like Facebook and Twitter for the attention of U.S. investors. The first of China’s big 2014 IPOs arrives on U.S. shores this Thursday. The social network Weibo, commonly referred to as the “Twitter of China,” saw huge gains during its first day on the market in the … More Weibo’s Challenges