Trend Prediction based on Social Media Data: A Case Study on Veganism

Social media is currently considered as an important resource to extract customer and industry intelligence. Analyzing conversation online helps companies and business to respond fast to the trends in the industry. However, the data captured on social channels is unstructured, while no standardized social media analysis and prediction making process has been presented. This paper … More Trend Prediction based on Social Media Data: A Case Study on Veganism

Narrative Data Visualization Dashboard

I created a narrative dashboard with R including six interactive data visuals, presenting the Texas Justice Initiative Data. The data was focused on the custodial deaths in Texas from 2005 to 2015. The data were pulled from Please check the Dashboard: Narrative Visualization Lab – Texas Justice Initiative Data Please check my other sample … More Narrative Data Visualization Dashboard

Digital Media Mix Quantitative Analysis

In this project, I analyzed the digital marketing campaign data for an insurance company. I used the data visualization and quantitative analysis such as z-test and logistic regression to check the performance of their different marketing channels and provided suggestions on their media budget allocation. The analysis was done by Python. Please check the report: … More Digital Media Mix Quantitative Analysis

Trends & Audience Segment: A Social Listening Report of Makeup

This reported is created for a major cosmetic brand in the industry. During the research process, I used social listening tool and worked together with data scientists. In this report Lip, Eye, Face trends, you would see: Makeup trends for eyes, lips and face. How people with different income talk about makeup. Please check my … More Trends & Audience Segment: A Social Listening Report of Makeup

Organic Social Media Content Performance Analysis

I monitored the content performance of the Peanut Movie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What in this report The Peanuts Movie Social Content Analysis: The general content performance on each channel Content with best performance Best time and day to post on each channel The growth of followers and fan community I also set up … More Organic Social Media Content Performance Analysis

Analysis Report for Electronic Shopping Inc. (ESI)

In the last semester, I continued to take classes in the field of data analysis. By doing four analysis projects, I learnt how to perform descriptive and multivariate statistical analysis of data using computer software such as SPSS and R. In those classes, I worked with teammates, adapting statistical methods (chi-square, liner regression analysis, ANOVA, clustering, … More Analysis Report for Electronic Shopping Inc. (ESI)

Research Report: Student Smartphone Usage

I have taken several applied research courses in measurement design, quantitative research, sampling and SPSS data analysis. In the fall semester of 2014, my teammates and I did a research project about smartphone usage among college students. We managed the whole research process from background research, questionnaire design, to data collection, data entry and analysis. … More Research Report: Student Smartphone Usage