Digital Paper’s Privacy Policy

Digital Paper’s Privacy Policy Digital Paper is an mobile phone app providing registered users of Instagram to look at Instagram Timelines and Public User Information. Digital Paper also allows you to locate other Instagram’s users. (the “Services”). This Privacy Policy describes how and when Digital Paper collects, uses and shares your information when you use our … More Digital Paper’s Privacy Policy

Tweets for Rubitection &

I received very positive feedback from my supervisor on managing social media accounts for both the companies: Rubitection and For Rubitection, I researched news stories related to bedsores and uploaded these on the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts using Hootsuite. I also wrote a report on how to improve Rubitection’s popularity on social media … More Tweets for Rubitection &

Flyer & Newsletters for Rubitection Inc.

flyer for Rubitection Newsletter 2page-1 Newsletter 2page-2   I designed a flyer for Rubitection, a healthcare technology startup that’s developing a new device for detecting and treating bedsores. This flyer introduces how the Rubitect Assessment System works and what’s its advantages. The software I used to design this flyer are Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. I also designed 2 … More Flyer & Newsletters for Rubitection Inc.

Analysis Report for Electronic Shopping Inc. (ESI)

Analysis report In the last semester, I continued to take classes in the field of data analysis. By doing four analysis projects, I learnt how to perform descriptive and multivariate statistical analysis of data using computer software such as SPSS and R. In those classes, I worked with teammates, adapting statistical methods (chi-square, liner regression analysis, … More Analysis Report for Electronic Shopping Inc. (ESI)

Research Report: Student Smartphone Usage

RunxiWang Research report I have taken several applied research courses in measurement design, quantitative research, sampling and SPSS data analysis. In the fall semester of 2014, my teammates and I did a research project about smartphone usage among college students. We managed the whole research process from background research, questionnaire design, to data collection, data … More Research Report: Student Smartphone Usage