Not All Americans Are Same

Before I came here, I thought all Americans are same. They are living in the TV series, in Hollywood movies, but not in real lives. Actually you can easily have a stereotype about people in another country, and think they are all the same.

It’s very interesting to listen to people talk about people in other region. In China, the northerners are considered straightforward but not careful enough, while the southerners are attentive, but sometimes tricky.

I should have expected there are same things here in the US. This Friday, I had a talk with a Bostonian. He shares his opinion about Americans from different part of the country.

  • New England

New England is always suspicious, cold, close, as you observed.

  • New York

New York is a kind of …New York. A little bit colder. I can stand on the road and ask:

“Excuse me, can you help me? Help me? Help me… Help….” (and the person just ignores you.)

  • Midwest

The Midwest people are much more friendly. They always ask: “Who are you?” “How are you?” or “Where are you from?”

Chicago is a fun city. easy to get to as well. It has great night life. It’s like New York but without the attitude. New Yorkers are a kind of smug. “I live in the City.” Chicago is just as big, but it’s in Midwest. Midwest are more friendly, generally.

  • South

The South is friendly to some extent. But they shut up after a while. As soon as you say you are from north, they don’t like you. They will get very suspicious. Maybe they are still fighting the civil war. (I’m just kidding).

  • Southwest

Southwest is very relaxed. Everyone from California is original form somewhere else. Everybody moves there. California is a place you can refresh yourself.

Now, I’m getting to know that the most exciting part about America is its diversity. People from Missouri can be quite different from people in New England. Certainly indeed, each people have his/her own personality. Everybody is unique. You may meet a very friendly New Yorker in the street, or a mean guy in Midwest.

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