Her Boston Life

About Menglei A Chinese graduate student From Guangzhou, a city in Southern China Now pursuing her master’s degree at BU, major in Mass Communication. Her major was Hospitality Management in undergraduate years. She didn’t like it, but for some reasons, she still chose it. Now, in Boston, she can finally learn what she likes. “I don’t think … More Her Boston Life

Drunk, Shock

Two hours ago I experienced the scariest moment in the US. A drunk guy kept knocking and kicking at the door.  I called 911 for the first time in my life. Accurately, my roommate Xiangbei made the phone call. At first, I heard the music “We’ll Rock You.” I guesses it could be my roommate Ya. … More Drunk, Shock

Moments in Beijing

From 2007-2010, Thomas Talhelm, a volunteer participating in Peace Corps, recorded his Beijing life in his blog. It is quite interesting to read about the psychology, language, culture and (mis)communication he posted. The first blog I read was his complain about Peter Hessler, when I was searching Hessler’s interviews. “Hesslerhas ruined my China life. Because … More Moments in Beijing