Standing Out Like a Sore Thumb: Are Foreigners Only Noticed in Taiwan?

Foreign Sanctuary


The Life of a Foreigner in Taiwan: An Introduction

Ah, the life of a ‘waiguoren’ (meaning foreigner) in Taiwan! We get stared at by children and adults alike, especially in the smaller, more remote areas of the island. We get talked about on buses and subways by people who are unaware of the fact that some of us actually understand every word they say. We get greeted with a wave of ‘Hello, hello, hello’ everywhere we go. We get approach by people all the time who want to communicate with us and practice their English. And we constantly get offered teaching jobs left, right, and center.

With that being said, the people here are very friendly and will go out of their way to help foreigners without any expectations in return. They will take the time to explain aspects of their life, culture, and traditions. They will show you how to do something…

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