Her Boston Life

Lucy's Journey

About Menglei

  • A Chinese graduate student
  • From Guangzhou, a city in Southern China
  • Now pursuing her master’s degree at BU, major in Mass Communication.

Her major was Hospitality Management in undergraduate years. She didn’t like it, but for some reasons, she still chose it. Now, in Boston, she can finally learn what she likes.

“I don’t think I live in the real American society,” she says. Living with Chinese roommates, studying with Chinese classmates, many of us international students are sharing the same life style with her.

Americans in her eyes:

  • Friendly
  • Energetic
  • Open-minded
  • Passionate

From her point of view, the US is a country full of energy and opportunities, but she does not plan to stay here.

“My root is in China.” She says, “I always want to try my best to promote traditional Chinese culture, the original Chinese culture.”

Actually, she chooses to study in Communication, because she thinks…

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