Moments As A Foreigner

In Fenway Center

I met an old lady in a chamber concert. Actually we did the volunteer work together. She said that I had a German ascent. Well… I don’t have any German accent at all. The only accent I can have is hard-to-understand Chinese accent.

“I haven’t met any Chinese before. I only heard the accent of Chinese Americans,” she explained.

“But they are native speakers. Do they still have any accent?”

“Yes, they pronounce in a more flat way.”

In Legal Seafoods

Last month, one of my friends came from China to join a conference in Harvard. As a host, I invited him to a big lunch in Legal Seafoods. We order three dishes and planned to share them. In this way, each of us could taste three dishes. When the waiter served dishes, he asked us which one for whom. But we just move all the plates to the middle of the table. Obviously, the waiter felt very confused. “He must consider us as mysterious Asians.” My friend joked.


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