All about American Dreams

It continues to be a nightmare for the DREAMers,” said Senate bill sponsor Jose Peralta in an interview. Supporters of the Act argued that kids shouldn’t suffer because their parents brought them into the country illegally.

The New York State Senate rejected the “Dream Act,” a legislation that would have granted state tuition aid to undocumented immigrants in March.

The Senate, controlled by Republicans and a small group of Democrats, failed to pass the measure despite a vote of 30 in favor and 29 opposed. It required 32 votes in favor to pass. The decision was quite a surprise to the press and many people. The news website used the word “kill” to describe the veto.

The measure, known as the Dream Act, got its name from federal legislation that would prove a path to citizenship for young immigrants who entered the country illegally. Had it passed, New York would have become the fifth state to enact the Act, to enlighten the dreams.

The senate killed the “Dream Act.” The senators are dream killers.

I understand the emigrant tradition of the US. The early immigrants built this great country and immigrants still help to keep the country prosperous now.  I got to know about the “American Dream” when I was very young. The US is always a dream land for people all over the world. You can realize your dream here, if you are diligent and obeying the rules.


One of my dad’s friends, who had been growing up in a small village in south China, is now a tenured Professor in Atlanta now. “He is such a good man, honest, hard-working,” my dad said when he recalled his college days, “he could hardly gain such a success if he had stayed in his homeland.”

But he entered his dream land legally, and gained his green card legally.

Opponents of the Dream Act said the state should be first trying to make college more affordable for those in the country legally.

“So many legal families are struggling with the high cost of college education right now,” said Senator Mark J. Grisanti, a Republican from Buffalo in a New York Times interview.

I’m not a person with little mercy. But I have to admit that what Mr. Grisanti said is reasonable.

Topics related to illegal immigrates are always under hot debate. What about those who plan to migrate legally? They enter the country legally, they pay their tuitions, and they want to work for the country with their knowledge, because they have been told that this country would be their dream land.

The H1B application has been started since the April 1. There are more than 172,500 applicants this year. But only 85,000 will be approved, which means more than half of them can stay here no longer. With all the efforts, their fates will be decided by draw. Well… is this an April fools day’s joke?

They are also Dreamers. Who cares about their dreams?

P.S. what’s your opinion about the DREAM ACT?


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