Trend Prediction based on Social Media Data: A Case Study on Veganism

Social media is currently considered as an important resource to extract customer and industry intelligence. Analyzing conversation online helps companies and business to respond fast to the trends in the industry. However, the data captured on social channels is unstructured, while no standardized social media analysis and prediction making process has been presented.

This paper discussed extracting food general trend from social media, with the case study on social media data of Veganism.

The research indicated that the author’s professions, posting time and the number of followers were significantly related to the number of engagements. Result also suggests that the posts in the morning got more engagements than those posts published in other time. Breakfast was the most frequently mentioned meal among the vegan social media conversation.

This research project provides marketers directional suggestions on their communication with customers. It also developed a standardized method of doing analysis on social media.

Please check my other sample projects on Google Drive:

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