We Remember

One year. Since bomb exploded near the finish line last year and took three lives. It was still quite early on the Monday morning. I woke up in my dorm in Peking University, and I grab my phone on the other side of my bad and signed into my Weibo account as usual. I planned to get … More We Remember


There Is Nothing Like Listening to a Live Orchestra

The Boston Symphony Orchestra is a little bit special to Chinese. In 1979, it was the first American Orchestra to tour mainland China after the normalization of diplomatic relations. This May, they will visit China again, 35 years later. “There is nothing like listening to a live orchestra.” The manager of the BSO gift shop once told me and … More There Is Nothing Like Listening to a Live Orchestra

Forever Young

  One fascinating I find about Americans is, no matter how old they are they always have a young spirit. An old fashion Americans may use social networks well. But a 50—year-old Chinese with a Weibo (the Chinese Version of Twitter) account may be considered as “too fashion.” This weekend I had a chance to … More Forever Young

Gadflies Are Everywhere

In February, the New York Times published a profile of Christopher Fountain,  the Gadfly of Greenwich Real Estate, which mentioned his popular blog. Landon Thomas, the author uses gadfly to describe Fountain. What is a gadfly? A gadfly is a person who stimulates or annoys especially by persistent criticism. Fountain is a real estate broker, but also a blogger. Just … More Gadflies Are Everywhere